Friday, 14 August 2009

Thank you, Lovely Bloggers!!

Thank you so much everyone for your very kind comments after my post the other day. It really helped me get some perspective. Mr Deravelled is now being much more supportive, and I've already managed to line up another job for September, so hopefully everything will be ok. I can now look forward to the long-anticipated course in September as a fresh start. :)

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Bad Day

Today I found out that as of September I will be unemployed. I requested a change of hours, as I am going back to Uni to do a Postgraduate, and so can't do as many hours as I have been doing, but still need to work to survive, and HR got back today with the unwelcome news that they could not accommodate my change of hours request, as it would mean a change of contract, and they don't do that any more. So now I am desperately searching for another job so that I can still afford to do my course. And Mr Deravelled was less than supportive this evening about it all, so I am feeling pretty poo at the moment. :(

I'm now going to watch Friends and eat Poppets to make myself feel better. Toffee Poppets. And I don't care about the calories.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

A lovely sunny weekend

Well, seeing as the weather was so nice, we thought we would make the most of it and do some sightseeing. On Saturday me and the Moomin visited Brodsworth Hall and Gardens with my mum and dad and nana and her husband, Fred (lovely place - a must see if you're ever in Doncaster), and today, Mr Deravelled, the Moomin and I went with some friends to York. The weather held out beautifully, and I got some lovely photos, as you can see. :)

Ahhhhhh this is what Summer is all about! :) I hope all of you had lovely weekends, too!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A Fab Bag for a Fab Mum

It's made from some gorgeous Laura Ashley linen fabric (one of their most well known and popular designs), and is lined with a scrummy deep wine tafetta.

It's got a cute little internal pocket.

And the Moomin is constantly trying to swipe it for herself (bag obsessed at 2 years old - there's no hope!!)!

I made it for my Mum for her birthday. It's not until September, but I'm giving it to her this weekend, as she's been a bit poorly and needs cheering up (and she goes on her hols soon, and it's a perfect holiday bag!!).

The pattern is from the latest issue of Sew Hip. It was pretty straightforward to put together, it just took a bit of time to do. I'm quite pleased with it! :)

Hope everyone in Blogland is having an enjoyable Summer - despite the lack of summeriness in the weather!