Wednesday, 25 May 2011

All change!

So, you know when I promised that I was going to be a good blogger from now on, and post regularly. And you know that I said that back in January, and haven't actually posted again since? Yeah, sorry about that. :/

Ok, so where did I leave you last? Ah yes, I needed to change my hours at work to fit around the Moomin starting school. Well, they weren't keen at all on the idea, and refused to budge. So, after several in-depth discussions with Mr Deravelled whilst we were in Edinburgh for our wedding anniversary (it was lovely, btw. There were rose petals on the bed and chocolate dipped strawberries and everything! - I know!) it was decided that I would (very politely, of course) tell work where they could stick their job, and instead work for Mr Deravelled's web design and multimedia company, doing the office management and marketing side of things (and, hurrah, finish at 3pm so that I could pick up Miss Moomin from school).

I've never done office management or marketing before, so it is a very steep learning curve for me (especially now I've turned 30!!), but I'm so glad Mr Deravlled offered me the job, as I'm really enjoying the whole networking and company accounts thing (who'd have known?!). I even now own a proper suit. And I have business cards. And a fancy computer on my own desk. It's all good!!

So how have you all been? :)

Gemma x