Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hungry Caterpillar Skirt

Hi everyone!!

Yes, it's been a while. Things have been pretty hectic here at Deravelled Towers, what with one thing or another, but the crafting has continued!!

Isn't it sweet? The Moomin adores her new skirt. It's made from actual Eric Carle fabric, and when I saw it I HAD to have it!! She has had loads of compliments on it, and when people realise that it's the Hungry Caterpillar, it always raises a smile. :) Isn't it great when something as simple as a skirt can cheer someone up??

1 comment:

mumbag56 said...

Another new skirt ? how lucky are you ? - I'm waiting for one for me - but not with the hungary caterpillar on ! xxx