Thursday, 7 April 2016

The best kind of Easter present!

Since completing the overlocker course with Layla Totah at Guthrie & Ghani in March, I have really been getting down to the exciting business of sewing with knits - almost on an industrial scale! 

The first garment I sewed was a simple shaped t shirt out of floral waffle ponte roma in a lovely autumnal pink and taupe that I ordered from Abakhan.  It's still in stock if you like the sound of a textured stable knit fabric.  I sewed it for my mum for Easter, as she prefers clothes to chocolate!

Floral waffle ponte roma t shirt
Above is a photo of my mum wearing her new top whilst visiting friends in Australia.

She was so pleased with it, she wore it several times on her trip, and told me that she received compliments when she was wearing it.  So, for her wedding anniversary (38 years!), and to say thank you for her picking me up some lovely crepe in mustard and teal whilst she was in Australia, I decided to order more of the fabric, in the other two colourways Abakhan stocks, and make her two more tops.

Turquoise floral waffle ponte roma top
 Above is the top I made using the turquoise colourway

Cerise floral waffle ponte roma top
And finally, here is the top I made in the cerise colourway.

This fabric was so easy to sew with.  It's very stable, but with a good stretch with great recovery.  However, it is a poly spandex, so don't make the same mistake I did and accidentally melt the back of the neckline of the first top whilst trying to press it!  Luckily it was only a small area, and because of the style of the fabric it isn't obvious unless you run your fingers over it.  I still couldn't believe I'd done it, though!

Abakhan have currently got lots of fab jersey fabric in stock, in lots of fun prints, as well as solids, so they're well worth a look if you fancy sewing up a quick t shirt for spring.

Have you sewn any "basics" that you're particularly proud of?

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Country Cottage Chic said...

Well done! You'll will be throwing things together left and right now. Do you know that many moons ago...I used to teach people how to use their over lockers and how to make stretchy clothes and knitwear? My family has always been in dad owned a knitwear factory and I am a qualified clothing designer. All seems so long ago now!