Saturday, 2 August 2008

Knit knit knit!!

It was Mr Deravelled's birthday on Thursday, and the three of us spent a lovely (if rainy) day at the local Butterfly house, finishing off the evening with a meal with friends at an American style grill restaurant.

Then yesterday and today was spent with the Moomin at my parents' house, relaxing and playing with the Moomin. My Mum took me to her LYS, and I picked out some yummy (and really cheap!!) new yarns to try out, including a ball of cream 4-ply, which is now being used to knit my first preemie hat. So far it is going well, and when I figure out how, I will post a photo to show you. Only problem is, I slipped a stitch as I was coming out of the ribbing, and so now I'm going to have to work a bit of magic with a sewing needle to get rid of the hole!! Other than that I am really pleased with how it's going so far - I am managing to keep my tension pretty even, and the stitches look really neat. (This is after three false starts, when I had to rip out what I'd done as my tension was FAR too tight, and was eventually too tight to knit any more!!)

I'm hoping to have the preemie hat finished by tomorrow. It is for the Three Little Birds group, that have a forum on Ravelry, and I am also going to knit some hats for my local hospital's Special Baby Care unit, where my daughter stayed when she was born prematurely. The Nurses and Doctors do a wonderful job there, and I cannot praise them enough. When I was there I thanked them with chocolate cake (a BIG one!!), now I plan to thank them with tiny knitted hats for the babies in their care!!

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