Thursday, 14 August 2008

Nooo!!! My Pony Pearls!!! Nooo!!!!!!

Well, last night I was happily clicking away knitting the teeny titchy preemie hat I was telling you about the other day, and guess what?! One of my 2.75mm Pony Pearls went and split at the end, making it impossible to continue knitting. Luckily I was just at the end of a row, so managed to at least get it to a state where I can pick it up again when I get some new needles. For now it is on a stitch saver, looking very sorry for itself.

However, this has now given me the opportunity to get started on a new project - a little knitted kitty. You can find the original pattern for it here. Please be aware that there is a certain amount of bad language on this page!!! I have cast on to my 3.75mm METAL (lol) needles using James C Brett's Top Value 100% Acrylic yarn in a lovely shade of dove grey.

We had a lovely day on Tuesday, celebrating the Moomin's second birthday. Mr Deravelled managed to prise himself away from the office and clients for a day (well, almost!) and we spent a lovely day at Eureka! near Huddersfield. It was very rainy, but luckily it was all inside, so we didn't get too wet!! The Moomin loved it! The photo is from last Sunday - her Nana (as seen in the photo) made the cake. It has yellow icing - as required by the Moomin, who is appearing to develop a penchant for yellow food!!

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