Sunday, 9 November 2008

Butter Biscuits in the warm and dry

Today has seen us with the curtains closed, the lights on, and the heating on all day. What wild weather we're having!! It's been rainy and windy for most of the day, so we felt that we had no choice but to stay in and watch films and play games.

We watched Stardust, which Mr Deravelled picked up for £5 in Morrisons yesterday as a little treat for us, and it's a brilliant film!! Even the Moomin stayed still for some of it! Then Mr Deravelled and the Moomin painted pictures (and got more paint on the floor than on the paper!) and stacked dominos, while I rolled the dough out for butter biscuits that I had prepared last night. Then the Moomin cut them out into different shapes and I put them in the oven. They're definitely moreish, and there aren't many left now. I was intending on icing them, but I dont really see the point now they've nearly all been snaffled already!!

I'm now settling down with my Christmas knitting, and later I think I'll have a nice warm bubble bath (which the Moomin will probably try to steal lol). Maybe I'll just have one more biscuit......

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Angela said...

my husband and i really liked stardust, too! we "previewed" it for the kids, because i was worried it might be too scary - i think i was right, but i know they'll love it when they're older!