Saturday, 8 November 2008

New ovens and sock patterns

Well, the new oven arrived yesterday, and it's lovely. All shiny and fancy looking!! We now know just how past it our old oven was, as this one is so efficient and quiet. Our last one used to heat the whole kitchen up before it cooked the food, and was soooo noisy!!!! This one is whisper quiet - so much so that when I first used it yesterday, I had to open it to check it was working!! I then got a blast of super hot air in my face, which again was a shock, as it wasn't hot at all on the outside. Wow, a proper real oven!!! Time to make more cakes, methinks!!

I am also on a quest to find a simple sock pattern for mens socks. They all seem to have cabling or fancy bits of some description, and I just want a very plain pattern.. Anyone have any suggestions as to where to find one?

Right, off to bed now. It's so late, and I'm exhausted!

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