Wednesday, 26 November 2008

So excited!!!

Well, the festive season is imminent, and I am really getting excited now!! I have done nearly all my gift buying, and can now concentrate one the presents I am making. I will post photos of the hand made gifties as and when I finish them. There are a few on the go at the moment - all involving fabric and buttons and thread and stuffing.... You'll have to wait till they're finished to find out what I'm up to!!

In other news, I spied the most gorgeous two tiered cake stand in Morrisons last week, and, after squealing delightedly about it, Mr Deravelled finally got the hint, and has bought it for me for Christmas!! yayay!! Here's a sneaky little pic that I took of it before it was whisked away for wrapping.

It's so vintage and lovely and perfect for prettily iced fairy cakes!!! Mr Deravelled doesn't see the appeal himself, but then, he likes modern styles more than vintage. But we can't have everything, can we girls?? :)

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dottyspots said...

It looks lovely :)

My friend collects cake-stands, I'm really jealous, I don't have the space for that sort of thing (I keep hinting to dh he needs to build a dresser around/over the horrible old gas fire we have in the dining room *then* I'd have somewhere to keep this sort of thing).

You'll have to take a pic with it fully-laden with fairy cakes.