Thursday, 11 December 2008

The tree!!

The tree is up!! After much searching and head scratching, we finally found our trusty christmas tree, hidden under several hundred boxes of junk in the attic. I was hoping that the Moomin would be eager to help decorate it, but she seemed more interested in taking the baubles back off it, which I thought was very unfestive of her. I even managed to rope Mr Deravelled into putting three or four baubles on it for once (he usually takes a back seat in the annual decking of the halls fiasco). This year our theme is red and gold, with much more emphasis on gold than red, although that is mainly down to us having many more gold decorations than red!!

We also have a mini tree up in the hallway (which is truly an achievement of epic proportions, considering the matchbox dimensions of our hallway) and no one has (yet) tripped over it or knocked it over etc. Its colours are red and gold also, with slightly more emphasis on the red, just to balance things out a bit!! It is also sporting three rather realistic looking robins, which the Moomin thinks is wonderful. However, it has no lights, as we couldn't find them. And come to mention it, the big tree in the living room is without twinkly lights, as one of the bulbs has gone, and in my haste to swap it with a working one that was currently at the back of the tree, I broke it, and so now none of them are working. Grrr. Mr Deravelled brought home a replacement string of lights that his sister has given us, but the thought of having to take all those decorations off to get to the original string of lights and replace them with the new ones, then put all the decorations back on, fills me with dread. Mr Deravelled doesn't understand this, as he usually has little to no involvement with the decorating side of things, and so has no idea what a pain it will be to replace them. That can be his task for the year, then!!!

I will post photos when I can find my camera. :)

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dottyspots said...

Dh had said he'd venture into the attic this evening to find ours, but it's gone 11pm and it's not out so I guess not then ;)

I look forward to pics (although I tend to get tree-envy at this time of year).