Sunday, 21 December 2008

Happy Yule, everyone!!

Just wanted to say Happy Yule to all those who observe the sacred festival. Although I love winter and everything that goes with it, it is also wonderful to be able to now say that from today, we know that the sun is slowly returning, and it will not be long before we see the evidence of new life appearing, in the form of snowdrops in the countryside, and new baby lambs on the hills. It is a festival of optimism and light in the depths of winter, and reminds us that death (or darkness) is a part of life (or light) and is not to be feared.

We will be spending the evening with friends, celebrating with food and drink like our ancestors always have, and marking the passage of time and the light that remains even in the darkest of days.

Happy Yule, everyone!! :)


dottyspots said...

Blessings to you this evening - may the turning of the year bring good luck and plenty to you and your family.

I've just pulled some sun biscuits out of the oven and am waiting for them to cool before I decorate them ready for this evening :0)

Minnie said...

Ditto from me, too. xx

Wool Enough said...

I was so pleased to see that you celebrate Yule. At times I have thought I was the only person in the world who got excited about this day. So . . . perhaps just the only person in California.