Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Samhain, everyone!!

Or Happy Halloween, if you're more into the trick or treating aspect of this sacred festival.

Well, me and the Moomin will be carving pumpkins tonight. I have the pumpkin carving kit at the ready, and have managed to find some tea lights to go in the finished lanterns. We will also circle round and read stories on the legends of Samhain, and then, once the Moomin is safely tucked up in bed, Mr Deravelled will be forced to watch the finale of Most Haunted Live - possibly in the dark!! He wont like that!! But I'll make some popcorn, so he might not moan too much.

To be honest, the majority of the time, Most Haunted exacerbates me, what with the irresponsible ouija board usage, shouting of insults to supposed resident spirits, and Yvette's persistance in believing that Witchcraft = Evil. Sigh. Mr Deravelled looked at me and laughed the other night when I was watching it, because she started shouted something like "come on you evil witch bitches", and knew I'd be rolling my eyes. Which I was. Considering the job she's doing, she's not very enlightened!!

But I just love to soak up the experience and atmosphere - all those old houses they get to walk around fascinate me. I make notes of the best so that I can drag the family to see them in the day time! I do love my castles and stately homes!!

Anyway, I'm off to do some tidying and washing ready for tonight. It's so exciting that the Moomin will now be old enough to really enjoy this sacred celebration. :)

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dottyspots said...

Blessings to you all :)

I hope you had a lovely night last night.