Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A month away and nothing done!!

I can't believe I haven't posted on here in over a month! It has been a hectic month, what with me passing my driving test (finally!!) towards the end of September, then searching for and buying a cute little car to run me and the Moomin about in. Mr Deravelled has started a new job which involves a two hour commute up the motorway every day (which he says is already becoming a bore), and the Moomin is coming on leaps and bounds with her talking - she is now talking in simple sentences, and we can almost always understand her nowadays, which is wonderful. We have even started potty training her, but as she is only just two, it is a nice, casual affair, and so far she loves the praise she gets when she asks to use her potty and then actually uses it!! We're a while off the switch from nappies yet, but at least she is happy and we're happy with her working through it in her own time, so it's all good!!

Knitting-wise, not much has been happening since I finished the red beret, unfortunately. I had got quite far with a project I am knitting on behalf of my Mum for my sister for Christmas, but yesterday I found the Moomin had pulled it off the needles (I couldn't shout at her - I had told her earlier that I was going to catch up on my knitting later, and she was just trying to pull the needles out of the knitting bag for me - bless her!) and the whole thing was too far gone to salvage. So unfortunately it had to all be ripped out, and I have just started it again now. However, when you'd got so far on a piece, and all of a sudden you're looking at having to start it again from scratch, it gets quite depressing!! Ah well, I shall soldier on!!

Me and the Moomin have been going to the park a lot recently - perhaps trying to make the most of the last of the warmish weather and soak up as much of the remaining sunshine as possible before we all snuggle down for a winter full of hot chocolate, home made gingerbread, Yankee candles and long hot bubble baths. Mmmmmm, maybe winter's not so bad after all!! And we finally get to wear all the lovely layers of handknits that have been worked on throughout the year. Bliss!

And yes, that is a handknit being modelled by the Moomin - knitted by my very talented mother. I keep trying to convince her that she should quit her awful job that depresses her and open a wool shop. I'd work there!!

That's all for now. Have to go - the Moomin is vying for my attention and going a bit crazy!!

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