Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Ok, my list of knitted treats for loved ones for Christmas stands as follows:

* For my little Sister (with a very stressful job as a Financial Analyst for an international bank based in Canada Square in Canary Wharf) - a Snood (circular scarf that you can pull up around your face and ears) made with some scrummy oatmeal coloured 30% wool Wendy Pampas Mega Chunky; and hopefully, if I have time (ha ha!) a pair of wrist warmers. I will probably knit her OH, a lovely Parisian man who moved over here to live with her and make a beautiful home together, some fingerless gloves - and maybe a snood, too, as he loves his scarves.

* For my Mum (also with a very stressful job in sales, where they constantly get at her to stop building up rapport with customers and just sell them stuff they don't really need - BAD company - you'd be surprised [or maybe not] if I were to name and shame!!) - an evening bag in a gorgeous creamy blue, knitted in RYC Luxe merino yarn (bought for half price in the HobbyCraft sale!!). As my mum is a super-knitter herself, I really don't know what else to knit for her - if anything. I bought her some knitty novels for her birthday, which she loved, so maybe more of the same will be in order!! And a good bottle of red, methinks. :)

* For my darling Mr Deravelled, I am currently knitting him socks (my first attempt at knitting on dpns) - well, a sock, anyway. At first he couldn't understand why I was knitting them, but now he is always asking me when they'll be finished!! lol

* The Moomin is a tricky one - she has an abundance of hats, so I may end up knitting her a snood, too. And maybe some cute little wrist warmers. But that would mean having to buy some pink yarn of some description. Hmmmmm........

* I may knit my Dad a scarf, as he has lots of jumpers that my mum has knitted him over the years. I'd knit him socks, but I find them so labour intensive that I shudder at the thought of getting them done in time!! Maybe next year!


dottyspots said...


Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Lovely to find another keen knitter - I've added you to my RSS feeds :0)

periwinkle said...

Hi, I like finding new knitting blogs- good luck with your Christmas knit list. Out of interest what pattern are you using for your snoods?
Lisa x

Little Knitter Gem said...

I am just making it up as I go along, to be honest. I did eight rows of knit stitch, then 21 ish rows of stocking stitch, then another eight rows of knit, and now I've inverted the stocking stitch, as I'm eventually going to twist it in the middle before I sew up the ends, to add a bit of interest. It's hard to explain, so I will post a photo when I get a chance so you can see what I mean. :)