Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Me the Domestic Goddess!!

Well, the last few days have been baking days for me and the Moomin. Yesterday it was wholemeal bread rolls (so that Mr Deravelled would have some to take for lunch today), and today it was fairy cakes. Millions of them. I haven't even managed to ice half of them yet, there's that many. I have given up for the evening now, and they're all packed neatly away in a cake tin, ready for when I'm feeling more awake and creative tomorrow! I personally prefer my fairy cakes au natural, but for the Moomin and Mr Deravelled, I ice them. Some are hot pink (were meant to be pale pink, but the colouring kind of got away from me a bit, and now I also have a hot pink thumb!!), and some are the most gorgeous pale primrose yellow that really deserve some pretty purple sugar flowers on top to finish them off, but I don't have any in the cupboard, and so they've had to settle for tiny crystallised orange and lemon slices instead. It's not the same, though, and I may have to go in search of some purple cake decorations of some description tomorrow with the Moomin.

Now, I am nestled back into our comfy schmooshy sofa, puter on my lap, a fairy cake on a plate next to me, and a steaming mug of hot chocolate next to that. The Moomin is asleep in her cot, tired out after the day's activities, Mr Deravelled is upstairs in his office finishing off some work, Most Haunted is on the TV, and life is pretty good. :)

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