Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Back to normal

Well, the tree and all the decorations came down on Monday evening, and have all been carefully packed away ready for next year. I can't believe the festive season is now well and truly over. It never lasts long enough for my liking!! However, as next Tuesday is my birthday, I have managed to get next week off from work, so things are looking up!!

Tonight we are going out for a curry for a friend's birthday, which I am looking forward to. And a year today me and Mr Deravelled finally get married (after a lot of false starts and cancellations!!), so I am now allowing myself to start to get a little bit excited. Yay!! We are getting married in Ladies Pavillion in Central Park, New York, and it's all booked up now. All that's left to sort is the bridesmaids dresses, Mr Deravelled and his Best Man's suits, the flowers, and the party for everyone who couldn't come to New York, for when we come back. We are also spending our honeymoon in New York, so will be there for a total of 12 nights!! We're hoping for snow (not so much that the whole city comes to a standstill - just enough for it to look good on the photos!)

Here is a photo of Ladies Pavillion in summer. Doesn't it look beautiful? :)


Storybook Woods said...

Wow, beauitful Pavillion. Happy New Year !!!! Clarice

periwinkle said...

looks like a lovely place to get married. We got married just outside of Vegas . I'd never fancied a church wedding and always wanted to get married outside - it was a dream come true and I;m sure yours will be too

Little Knitter Gem said...

Thank you both for your kind comments!! Wow, a Vegas wedding!! We considered getting married there, but then we went to New York last March, and just absolutely fell in love with the place.