Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Happy Birthday to me!! And a giveaway coming up!!

Well, today I turn 28. I can't believe how fast life flies by. It doesn't seem five minutes ago I was sixteen and sat gazing out of the window in a geography lesson, wishing I was older and didn't have to go to school any more!! (I actually loved school, but geography was not my favourite subject!) Now look what's happened - it's twelve years later, and all that's changed is that I now sit at a desk in a mind numbing job, wishing I was back at school!! lol

I remember playing "Button Moon" with my friend Sally, at age six. I remember being one of the only kids at school one day, age eight, because the snow was so deep, and all the lessons being cancelled and having snowball fights all day (bliss!). I remember the tears I cried when we moved up to Yorkshire from South Wales when I was ten. I remember my first kiss at age eleven (it was awful!). I remember fearlessly walking two miles to my best friend's house, down a long and winding country road, on a regular basis (she lived on a farm), and thinking nothing of it, aged fourteen. I remember breaking my heart when my first serious boyfriend dumped me, age sixteen, and swearing off boys forever (ha ha!). And everything since then has gone by in a blur. Meeting Mr Deravelled; starting a new life with him in his home town, away from all my friends and family in mine; getting engaged; graduating from uni; planning our wedding, then that same weekend finding out I was pregnant with the Moomin (!); the Moomin being born six weeks early, and spending two very stressful weeks in hospital with her, praying that she would soon be well enough to come home; moving house; Mr Deravelled starting his own (still very successful)business; the Moomin's first birthday; falling in love all over again in New York City; the Moomin's second birthday; Mr Deravelled taking a 9-5 in Leeds; planning and booking our wedding in New York and having everyone who we wanted to be there being able to make it (thanks everyone!); and now here I am, sat typing this!

Wow, that was a very potted history of my life, with some ommissions for ease of reading, obviously!!

I have been pondering for a little while as to whether or not I should have a giveaway on my blog, to say thank you to everyone who takes the time to come and read my ramblings. And now it is my birthday I feel there is no better way to celebrate! So, in the next few days I will announce the first Deravelled giveaway of one of my creations. I am no professional by any stretch of the imagination, but if you fancy winning something homespun, keep your eyes peeled over the next few days. :) Now I need to find my camera......

ETA (10.30pm): The Moomin found my camera for me (clever Moomin!!), and so here is a photo of a slice of the gorgeous Victoria sponge that Mr Deravelled made me this evening for my birthday. What a sweetie! Of course, he DID use every mixing bowl and spoon we own to make it, and then left it all for me to clean up!! But we can't expect everything from our menfolk, can we? ;)


The sewing room said...

Happy Birthday to you l loved reading your post, and yes Waltons fabrics it is l have his card in my purse and l did,not think to look and by the sound of it he could stil be doing refurbishments in another ten years time LOL well have a great day take care
Best wishes Pat

P.s your little moomin is adorable

periwinkle said...

Happy Birthday hope you had a lovely day,
Lisa x

dottyspots said...

Belated Happy Birthday!