Tuesday, 17 February 2009

And the awards go to..........

Ok, so I am now finally passing these awards on. I am passing them on to four blogs, who I feel all deserve all three of them. :)

Clover Cottage

Julie's Little Joys

Lissylou and the 2 Little Boys

Surfer Rosa

To be honest, all you lovely ladies whose blogs I read deserve these awards, so if you haven't yet received an award and would like some, please feel free to accept these three. :)

None of you are required to pass these awards on to anyone else, unless you feel like it!! :)

This is only a very short blog tonight, as I am really tired and am getting the Moomin off to bed in a minute. Day off tomorrow, though. Woo hoo!! :)


Surfer Rosa said...

Thank you very much for the awards Gemma - enjoy your day off.

LissyLou said...

Thanks very much Gemma. xxxxxxxxx

Redwoodhouse said...

lovely gifts for valentines how romantic. The 'fish' day out looks fun my girls loved that sort of day out.
Enjoy your day off...

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Gem, thanks so much for visiting my blog! Just been admiring the skirt you made :) Your little girl is so sweet!

Mel xxx

Julie said...

Thank you so much for my award,I am absolutely thrilled!

Have a lovely day off. xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Thank you so much for those awards, I am lucky!!!
Have a lovely day off, Gem : )

Sharon xxx

Lavender hearts said...

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