Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!! :)

Hello lovely ladies! Did you all have a suitably soppy Valentine's day? Mine has been lovely. Although I didn't wake up to breakfast in bed, I did wake up to a smiling Moomin clambering in between me and Mr Deravelled, dragging a motley collection of stuffed animals with her. Once she was suitably wedged in, both me and Mr Deravelled were now awake, and so the Valentine's card and gift-giving could commence!!

For my wonderful Mr Deravelled, I got a stainless steel handmade chain that he's had his eye on for a while, which he was very pleased with. I also made him a card utilizing a perfectly sized scrap of CK fabric with little red and blue racing cars on it, which he thought was brilliant. :)

He, of course, spoilt me rotten (as usual - he is quite romantic when he wants to be!!). I received a gorgeous little rose bush in a pot:

This has now taken pride of place on the kitchen windowsill, so that I can see it whenever I wash the Moomin's cups and drinking bottles etc. :)

Then, as if that wasn't enough, he also bought me a beautiful pendant necklace on a red velvet ribbon, that I had been mooning over on Folksy for the past week.

I loved it because the picture of the little girl drawing on a slate, with the kitten having a look, reminded me so much of the Moomin, and the way she and Mr Cat exist peacefully alongside each other (well, most of the time, anyway!!). And the Moomin is always drawing, so it really summed her up nicely! :)

It was made by "A Resin Revival", and you can see more similar goodies here. You will find it hard to resist buying anything though - they are all so cute and retro. You have been warned!! :)

We had a really wonderful day today. Mr Deravelled had a rare day off, and so we took the Moomin to Hull, to The Deep. I have taken loads (and I mean loads!) of photos, so I will post about our trip another day when I have a little more time.

When we got home this eveing, the post had been, and I had received a super package from Sharon at The Crafty Trundler. She had offered to send me some patterns for little girls' clothes that she no longer needed, and, well, look for yourselves!!

What a wonderful parcel of goodies!! I must say, when I opened the parcel, I was truly overwhelmed. The kindness that Sharon has shown is truly heartwarming, and it was very exciting looking through all the patterns and being able to plan out different possibilities for some cute additions to the Moomin's summer wardrobe!

I especially love the cute little trousers and tops, and in fact, the Moomin made a beeline for that particular pattern as soon as she saw it!! I am now under strict instructions to get started as soon as possible. Looks like I'm going to be busy for a while, then!!

Thank you so much Sharon for being so generous and kind. I truly have met some wonderful people in Blogland, and feeling so supported and thought of is a fabulous feeling. :)

Right, I'm off to snuggle up with Mr Deravelled and the Moomin now (yes, she's up late, but it's the weekend, and she's been a very good girl today), and we're all going to watch Family Guy. The Moomin loves it, and calls it the "Doggy programme". Lol.


Surfer Rosa said...

Glad you had a lovely Valentines Day. I was utterly pampered and spoilt (and hope to continue the theme through today too!)

The pendant is great - a really special gift.

And what a great package of patterns from Sharon (whose blog I just found yesterday). She was really kind and thoughtful and judging by the great bag you've made I'm expecting to see wonderful things created!

Simone said...

It looks as though you both received some lovely things from each other. It is good to keep romance alive although my husband and I stopped celebrating Valentines Day many many years ago!!! It was very kind of Sharon to send the patterns. I bet you'll have lots of fun trying them all out!

Hollypop's said...

What a lovely pendant, you must have been chuffed when you received it.
Glad you enjoyed your Valentine's Day.
Take care.

The sewing room said...

What lovely gifts you both had,and how nice of Sharon to send you such great patterns look forward to you showing what you have made looks like you will be busy best wishes Pat.

gingerwine said...

You have some lovely things there, I really love the pendant xx

mumbag56 said...

A beautiful pendant from your OH - lucky you - and a lovely colour rose. I had a card from mine (without an envelope, have you ever heard the like) and when I asked where my present was, he said I'd just ordered new living room doors I could have those !!!! the cheek of it and I bought him a box of chocs and a bottle of red !!! - glad that you had a great day though xxxx

dottyspots said...

Lovely pendant! I tried to leave a comment a couple of days ago, but blogger wasn't talking to my laptop :)