Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Deep

As I said in my last post, yesterday me and Mr Deravelled took the Moomin to Hull, so that she could go and see all the fish and sealife at The Deep. She certainly seemed to enjoy it!

Especially this blue spotted ray, which followed her around as we were walking around his tank!!

This was a funny looking fish!!

It was feeding time whilst we were there. Can you see the divers?

There is absolutely no flash photography allowed inside The Deep, as it can startle the fish, who are not used to bursts of bright light. This is clearly signposted throughout, yet still a woman was happily snapping away with her flash on, oblivious to the glares she was getting from everyone around her, as well as the large sign next to her that said (in picture form to help the terminally stupid) No Flash Photography. Fair play to the diver, who at this point banged on the aquarium wall at her, and mimed a flash going off, then shook his finger at her. To which she remarked to her equally stupid acquaintance "what's he on about?!". No surprises then that about 30 seconds later there was an announcement over the tannoy system, reminding visitors that there is no flash photography allowed inside The Deep, and then proceeded to explain how to turn off the flash on a digital camera, just incase someone was too daft to figure it out. I couldn't help but chuckle. They clearly encounter idiots like that on a regular basis. I wouldn't be so patient. ;)

The Moomin's favourite part was getting to make her own fish. There was lots of gluing and sticking and drawing involved.

She loved it! :)

Then there was just time to see the sharks...

...and other giant fish...

... before the Moomin was asleep and it was time to go home. :)


mumbag56 said...

Lovely clear photos of your trip - the Moomin looks as though she enjoyed herself - what a stupid person taking flash photography, I have a little picture on my camera especially for acquariums, if I was the diver, I would have fed her to the fish !!!! lol ... glad that you had a good time xxx

Hollypop's said...

Sounds like a lovely trip out. I think some people are just oblivious - it's amazing isn't it, like you say they're probably used to it at the aquarium.
Looks like the Moomin was having a fun time.
Take care.

Julie said...

Sounds like a lovely trip out - Moomin obviously enjoyed it. Some people can be so thick can't they - i know why I could never work somewhere like that, I'd be loosing my temper and saying exactly what I thought!

The sewing room said...

Looks like you had an amazing day out,like you i would lose my temper ,what a silly woman theres always one where ever you go congrats on your awards have a great week best wishes Pat

Kim McBirnie said...

The Deep is lovely, isn't it? We only live 8 miles out of Hull so go there quite a lot when the weather is bad and the kids are off school.
It's a pity they didn't dump that woman in the tank with the fish, honestly, some people have no sense!
Kim xx