Friday, 13 February 2009

A bag for Sarah

After my friend Sarah saw the bag that I made for myself last month (here), she asked me if I would make her one, too. I thought it would be good practice, and so agreed. But then, with one thing or another, the cut fabric sat waiting to be sewn up for nearly three weeks. Until Tuesday eveing when I finished hemming my skirt (photos to follow!!), and Mr Deravelled reminded me that I still hadn't made the bag for Sarah. Oooops!!

Then yesterday I was chatting with Sarah on the phone, and she told me that she had been involved in a car crash on Tuesday evening on the way home from work (the woman behind her at the traffic lights decided to keep going when Sarah had stopped at the red light). Result: Sarah was now suffering from whiplash, and was miserable! This motivated me to get her bag finished, and so, this morning, I finally finished it!

As Sarah is not particularly girly (or so she likes to think, but she's fond of pretty skirts!!) I made her bag out of a dark denim type cotton, with an ivory cotton lining with a swirly paisley style botanical print in deep navy blue. I used a gorgeous blue grosgrain ribbon with white polka dots for detailing, and to add interest. As Sarah's favourite colour is blue, I thought that would be appropriate!! :)

And to finish it off, a cute little yo-yo brooch attached to the front pocket. To tie it all in together, I used scraps of the same fabric I used for the bag, as well as a bit more of the cheery summer sky blue ribbon with white polka dots that I used to edge the front pocket, as well as the inside pocket.

I feel really pleased with it, and hopefully Sarah will like it too. :)


Hollypop's said...

What a great bag, I'm sure your friend Sarah will be chuffed to bits with it. That should really cheer her up.
Take care.

mumbag56 said...

wow - the bag looks fantastic - bet that Sarah will be thrilled to bits, I know that I would be to receive a lovely present, especially with all the wonderful little 'Gemma touches' added to personalise it. You are clever. I expect that your Moomin had a hand in helping you to make it. xxxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

THAT'S A GORGEOUS BAG!!!! Well done!!! That really will cheer your pal up!! Love that lining, the pocket, all of it actually!!

Have a great weekend : )

Sharon xx

Julie said...

what a fabulous bag - it's totally gorgeous, I'm sure your friend will love it, especially with all the thought that you put in to choosing the colours and matching to her style. She's very lucky to have such a kind friend as you and I'm sure it'll cheer her up no end x

The sewing room said...

Great bag your friend will be thrilled when she get,s it, i hope you have had a nice valentines best wishes Pat