Thursday, 16 April 2009

Naan Pizza

A favourite lunch in our house is a naan bread pizza. It's so simple to make, and really delicious (as well as being better for you than a frozen or takeaway version!).

To make your own naan bread pizza, you will need:

an oven (grill setting)

a naan bread (plain, or for more flavour, garlic and coriander - yum!!)

cheese (pretty much anything goes, here. Today it happens to be double gloucester, as that's what we had in the fridge!!)

a cheese grater

tomato puree

and some ham (entirely optional - replace it with chicken or onion or peppers or anything else you like on pizza!!)

plonk all the ingredients on (artfully arranged, of course!!)

then put under the grill until it looks like the above.

Serve, and hopefully your little Moomins will go from this:

to this:

lol :)


thriftymrs said...

Looks lovely.
Your blog has disappeared off my bloglines for some strange reason. :(

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a great idea! Love the two faces - I have a childhood doll that changes expression when you move her arm up or down & your photos remind my of that!

LissyLou said...

oh yummy!

gingerwine said...

I am soooo doing that!!

Thankyou for the comment about my poss blog shop!

Love Sam xxx

periwinkle said...

now I know what the boys are having for dinner tomorrow :-)
lisa x

lou said...

LOL, I love the pictures of moomin, so cute!
I’m sure you look beautiful as you are; I hope the wedding plans are coming along well.
Have a lovely weekend…love Lou xxx