Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Project Planning and Pay It Forward

For Mothers Day this year, the Moomin (with a little help from Mr Deravelled!) bought me this book:

Yummy!! :) The bad thing is, my already long list of projects to get started on has just got even longer, thanks to this fab book. Anna Maria Horner has some great ideas, and has designed some truly beautiful fabrics, all of which come together to make for some serious eye candy that is just too tempting to resist! Ok, added to my project list are the following:

The cute Taxi Tote.

the I'll Have One Of Everything Bag. You could really have some fun with this one!! :)

A super cute doggy bed. I don't have a dog, myself, but Ryan's sister is getting a Puglet imminently, and so I thought it was as good an excuse as any to have a go at making a bed for it!! Did I mention I'm mad on Pugs? :)

The very glamorous Full Contact Cooking Apron. I do actually need an apron. I did have a canvas one with a picture of a cat dressed in a beret and a stripy jersey stood in front of the Eiffel Tower on it (a gift from my mum!!), but I have lost it somewhere, and so am now borrowing the Moomin's wipe clean tigger apron when making cakes!! This is not ideal, as invariably as soon as she sees me wearing it, she wants to wear it herself, and so I have to give it back!! lol So yes, I need an apron!

And finally, the ever so sweet Bo Peep skirt - obviously for the Moomin. She's not that big on frills, so this skirt will be a good compromise, with frills just on the sides, rather than all over it.

Better get cracking, hadn't I?! :)

On another note:

I'm getting involved in the Pay It Forward initiative. The first three people to leave a comment on this post will be sent a lovely little handmade gift from me. The only thing you have to do in return is write a Pay It Forward post on your own blog and spread the goodwill!! :)

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