Saturday, 11 April 2009

Thrifty fabric finds!! :)

Me and the Moomin had a rummage in our local St Luke's Hospice charity shop the other day, and we found a few treasures. Well, by treasures I mean cheap fabric!!

I was so excited when I saw these. They are a pair of curtains made out of original Linda Beard 100% cotton fabric, and are in really good condition. The fabric has the appearance of distressed denim, and I'm having thoughts of using this fabric as the yoke of a skirt, and finding some cute white broderie anglais cotton fabric as the flared part of the skirt. I hope I've explained that right!! lol Mmmmmm. I will now need to rummage for some suitable lightweight cotton to make my creation with! :)

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Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely fabric & a great idea!! I used to spend ages admiring Linda Beard fabric in the early 1980's. She did a range called 'Dolly Mixtures'', and I still have some stashed away somewhere.
Have a lovely Easter, and Happy crafting!!!

Sharon xx

P.S. Look forward to seeing what you make!